Office Ergonomics - Hazard Recognition

This half-day session is designed for managers, supervisors, joint health and safety committee members, or anyone who is looking to better understand how design related hazards in offices can lead to increased discomfort, absenteeism, lost time, etc. and reduced productivity.

In this course, we will consider both physical and organizational design hazardsfactors

ESA's office ergonomics hazard recognition course addresses a wide range of office ergonomics hazards and provides workers with recommendations and solution ideas that are based on the most up-to-date research and guidelines.

Participants will also be introduced to ESA’s Hazard Identification Checklist for Office Workstations, and provided an opportunity to use the checklist and interpret its findings. This will be followed by a discussion of a participative approach to reducing exposure to the identified hazards. Participants are provided with ESA’s Recognizing Office Ergonomics Hazards booklet.

We can tailor our presentation to make it site specific, by incorporating images taken at your worksite. This is encouraged as it allows workers to see and relate to issues that may be specific to their workstations and equipment.

In order to maximize interactivity and knoweldge transfer, this session is restricted to a maximum of 20 participants per session