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Ergonomics Program Management Certificate

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Ergonomic Program Design & Integration
Inclusive of Cost Justification Issues

This is a core course within Ergonomic Program Management and an elective within the OH&S Management program. Those attending for program credit must attend all course days and successfully complete the course assignment.


This course guides participants through the process of designing an ergonomics program. We will examine strategies designed to increase participation from employees, supervisors, union, management, etc. in best practice ergonomics to reduce the frequency and severity of workplace injury. Participants will learn strategies for integrating Human Factors into their work systems (i.e. occupational health and safety, purchasing, human resources, etc.) in addition to exploring and understanding the use of cost and benefit strategies to successfully justify investments in ergonomics interventions. Finally, we will discuss proven mechanisms to ensure the long-term sustainability and success of these efforts.

  • The design of various ergonomic/human factors models used in the process of identifying, assessing, evaluating and controlling the risks associated with work related musculoskeletal injuries
  • How to implement the principles of designing for human use into their workplace systems
  • The cost justification process and how to identify costing and savings factors as well as their use in justifying ergonomics interventions