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“We use ESA’s consulting and training services because of their proven track record and outstanding reputation. ESA has the knowledge, skills, and expertise to help us meet the needs of our people so they can in turn, continue to provide consistently high services to RBC clients.”ESA has been priviliged to work with a wide range of clients, in many different sectors. Here is what our clients have said about us and our work!

Phyllis Hargrove, Assistant Manager Operations, Royal Direct Call Center

“ESA’s working knowledge of military standards, research, testing and evaluation procedures with respect to HFE principles applied to the installation design was highly valued and augmented the success of the IPDR and ICDR.”
T.G. Galley, VP Engineering, IMP Group, Aerospace Division

“ESA provided us with a comprehensive analysis of the jobs in some of our high risk injury departments including recommendations as to how to decrease the risk of injury to these departmental employees. This information coupled with the functional abilities of the individual employee will enable us to successfully accommodate return to work employees and ensure their health and safety as they carry out their work practices.”
Emma Chester, MSc, Injury Prevention Consultant, Annapolis Valley Health

“We were very pleased with the quality of ergonomic consulting services that ESA provided. Their methods of analysis and intervention ideas provided direction and useful information that resulted in a significant reduction in our repetitive strain claims in the machining department of our Shaw Wood facility.”
Jacqueline Hatt, LPN CHSC, CSS, Director of Occupational Health and Safety – The Shaw Group