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Office Ergonomics

Our consultants are office ergonomics experts having performed thousands of office ergonomics assessments. We also provide awareness and applied training sessions designed to increase your staffs’ ability to recognize and control the hazards associated with poor office ergonomics design.

Office Ergonomics Assessments

ESA’s Office Ergonomics Assessments are ideal for situations in which an employee requires an in-depth analysis of the set-up and design of all workstation components, work tasks, and postures adopted. These assessments are typically provided when an employee is working in discomfort, is returning to work from an injury, and/or has a requirement for a job accommodation. We identify design, task and organizational issues that can contribute to worker pain and discomfort or result in reduced performance. You are provided with a report that clearly describes the hazards identified and the design / organizational factors that create them. The report includes a list of prioritized hazards, solutions, and an action plan that can be used by the employer to address any issues that could not be corrected during the assessment. The assessment requires approximately 1 hour/ worker.

Office Ergonomics Quick Exposure Check

The QEC is designed to provide a quick review of the design and set-up of an individual’s workstation. The QEC is typically preceded by a one hour office ergonomics awareness session (see below). After this session, an ESA consultant spends approximately 20 minutes with each participant, helping each worker understand how to set-up and adjust their existing workstation components while also identifying areas of concern and opportunities for improvement. ESA provides a list of prioritized hazards, solutions, and an action plan, in a concise report that can be used by the employer to address any issues that could not be corrected at the time of the QEC.

Workstation / Furniture Purchasing Decisions

Whenever you are looking to purchase new workstations, office furniture, or accessories ESA can help! We can provide you with expert advice so that you can make informed decisions, saving you money for years to come.

Facility Design and Set-Up

Planning a new building, renovating your existing space, moving to a new office? If so, give ESA a call. We can help to make sure that ergonomics-related design issues are identified and addressed during the design, construction and commission stages, greatly reducing the likelihood of worker discomfort, pain or design related performance problems in the future.

Customized Training Sessions and Workshops

ESA’s applied training sessions and workshops increase awareness of design related hazards and enhance in-house capabilities to recognize hazards, implement effective solutions, and improve workplace health and safety and organizational performance. ESA’s range of practical and effective sessions can be tailored to meet site specific needs. We can also create customized training to address specific issues in individual organizations or facilities.