Workplace Training / Public Courses

ESA is the preeminent ergonomics and human factors training company in Atlantic Canada. Our on-site workplace training will allow your workers to identify and solve a wide range of ergonomics-related issues in your workplace. ESA also conducts regularly scheduled public courses and workshops in locations throughout the Atlantic Provinces.

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ESA's Courses and Workshops

ESA offers a wide variety of training courses and workshops that can be tailored to meet the needs of individual workplaces and clients.

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Practical, Professional, Cost Effective!

ESAs courses and workshop are highly informative and interactive, incorporating hands-on problem solving activities that allow participants to learn quickly and effectively transfer the knowledge gained back into their workplace. Our courses will allow your staff to identify ergonomics-related design issues, develop effective solutions and provide justification for why the recommended changes should be implemented.

Why ESA is one of Canada's Leading Providers of Ergonomics / Human Factors Training?

Skilled, Professional Ergonomists and Experienced Trainers

All of ESAs courses and workshops are lead by one of our Certified Professionals, and all ESA staff are experienced trainers and presenters.

Practical Approach to Training

ESA's training programs emphasize hands-on practice that incorporate both standardized ergonomics analysis tools and ESA's own hazard identification and risk assesment tools. Participants are trained to successfuly solve real-world problems in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Customized Programs to Fit Your Specific Needs

ESA is able to customize each and every one of its current courses and workshops in order to provide your staff with site / process specific training that will allow them to identify and solve ergonomic-design related issues that actually exist in your organization. We can also develop specialized courses and workshop to address any ergonomics-related issues that are specific and unique to your workplace.