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Basic Office Ergonomics Awareness (1 hour)

This session is designed to provide workers with an overview of office ergonomics hazards, focusing on work postures, the proper set-up of chairs, monitors, keyboards, mice, and work surfaces, and on how simple changes can reduce their discomfort and improve performance.

Recognizing Office Ergonomics Hazards (1/2 day)

This session is designed for managers, supervisors, and workers. Session participants will gain an enhanced understanding of office ergonomics design issues, design related hazards, and why and how poor design contributes to pain and discomfort. Participants will also be introduced to ESA’s Hazard Identification Checklist for Office Workstations, and provided an opportunity to use the checklist and interpret its findings. This will be followed by a discussion of a participative approach to reducing exposure to the identified hazards. Participants are provided with ESA’s Recognizing Office Ergonomics Hazards booklet.

Office Ergonomics – Risk Assessment and Problem Solving (2 days)

ESA’s Office Ergonomics – Risk Assessment and Problem Solving workshop is designed for joint health and safety committee members, health and safety professionals, occupational health nurses, human resources professionals, workplace wellness coordinators or anyone who is interested in the full scope of office ergonomics. The workshop will provide participants with the knowledge, understanding and ability to identify the physical and organizational design issues that contribute to worker pain and discomfort and reduced performance in office workplaces. Participants will be introduced to ESA’s Office Ergonomics Risk Assessment and Problem Solving Toolkit, that includes a series of checklists and risk assessment tools that can be used to recognize hazards, assess all aspects of office workstation design, and implement effective solutions to the problems identified. Participants are provided with ESA’s Office Ergonomics – Risk Assessment and Problem Solving Manual.