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Return To Work

ESA can help ensure that an individual’s return-to-work experience is both efficient and effective. Our systematic approach for documenting cognitive and physical task demands goes far beyond the traditional checklist approach use by many of our competitors. Our approach allows us to compare an individual’s current capabilities to the true task demands and, where possible, made specific recommendations to allow the employee to safely return-to-work. Our holistic approach to return-to-work also ensures that the organization’s management fully understands their roles and responsibilities in the return-to-work process, that both management and the individual clearly understand what the individual’s capabilities are and how specific task demands could result in new or recurring difficulties, and how changes to the physical and or organizational design of the task can ease the return-to-work process. ESA works with all parties to ensure that return-to-work schedules are appropriate, that progress is monitored and that the individual is successfully transitioned back into the workforce.

Designing for Accommodation

All too often, as the result of a debilitating accident or medical condition, individuals require specialized workstations, chairs, equipment and tools in order to return to gainful / productive employment. ESA’s ergonomic experts can provide a complete service to design job tasks based on individual needs for accommodation. Using off-the-shelf and custom designs, ESA has successful designed workstations for individuals with impaired mobility, vision, hearing, speech, and cognition. We ensure that the design, set-up and layout of the workstation, required tools, chairs, equipment, storage, travel areas, doorways, building access, etc. match individual needs and capabilities, ensuring that the individual is able to effectively perform all essential task demands.