Aerospace and Defense

As aerospace and defense technology becomes more complex and operational requirements become more demanding, the greater the likelihood that system design elements can degrade both safety and performance. If the human factors of the system design are not considered, the cognitive, physical and physiological systems of the operator can quickly become overwhelmed. ESA can help ensure that this does not happen!

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Performance & Safety with Human Factors

ESA has the expertise and experience you need to optimize the design of your aerospace and defense systems. We develop human factors solutions that are built on solid qualitative and quantitative data — data collected from the users of your current or virtual environment by human factors consultants with the skills, methods, knowledge and experience to analyze and translate the data into meaningful design criteria. ESA’s human factors consultants use the latest tools and scientific skills to measure and examine your equipment and/or system through the project life cycle. The data from these studies is used to help you optimize your design while meeting appropriate military standards.

Make Smarter Business Decisions

By ensuring that the needs and capabilities of people are considered in the design of your system ESA’s human factors consultants can help reduce the time, risk and uncertainty that is typically associated with new technologies, processes or environmental changes. To learn how you can create the best human-machine system.