Office Ergonomics

"We use ESA's consulting and training services because of their proven track record and outstanding reputation. ESA has the knowledge, skills and expertise to help us meet the needs of our people, so that they can in turn, continute to provide consistently high service to RBC clients"
Phyllis Hargrove, Assistant Manager Operations, Royal Direct Call Center

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Poor Office Ergonomics Costs You Money!

How much do you spend every year as a result of poorly designed furniture, equipment, and work environments?  Every year, Canadian workplaces, in all sectors, private and public, spend billons of dollars to cover the costs of injuries related to poor design. Millions of work days are lost because of the mismatch between the worker and his/her work.  Poorly designed workplaces lead to lower productivity, reduced efficiency, increased errors and low job satisfaction.

Good Office Ergonomics Saves You Money!

Good office ergonomics is more than just providing an adjustable chair.  Good office ergonomics means ensuring that the worker’s workstation is designed and set-up both for the worker and for the task that he or she is performing. For the worker, workstation components should be designed to maximize comfort, allow for good working postures, promote movement, and enhance performance.

There are many benefits to be gained from optimizing the design of office work spaces and tasks. These include:

• Enhanced organizational performance and lower costs
• Improved health and well-being for employees
• Improved ability to retrain and recruit employees
• Enhanced ability to accommodate aging workers
• Simplified return-to-work and accommodation of workers with restrictions

ESA Can Help You

Our consultants are office ergonomics experts having performed thousands of office ergonomics assessments. We can provide awareness and applied training sessions designed to increase your staffs’ ability to recognize and control the hazards associated with poor office ergonomics design.